Apr 11, 2009

Fix Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar

Are you getting Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar when trying to Extract files?
CRC means (Cyclic Redundancy Check) I have recently built a new computer about 4 months ago, and noticed that a large portion of my downloads always led to corrupted volumes (CRC failed) errors according to Winrar.

I figured out the solution to anyone who recieves these errors in Winrar.


1. Open the .rar file(s) you would like to extract.

2. Click on "Extract to"
Fix Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar


hey man i downloaded a rar file about 1.25 gb & when extracting it gave me that crc error,ooph i was breaking my head with all those sfv checking softwares well nothing worked , but i am just flattered to see ur tip , its amazing man , u really rock , u made it simple & that was the only effective way for me to extract the archive, thanks a lot

hai Anouar rahil
i am a graphic & web designer , & yes the comment above was by me , i would really love to be ur friend, if u dont mind then it would be my pleasure to recive a mail from u , my mail id is
any way i should thank u again for ur perfect tip on this post

no way it does not work for me >.<

It worked fine thank you

Thank you nice trick

it didn't work for me...:( The file was extracted, but when I try to open it, it won't work.

thnx a lot, it work for me too:-)


Your welcome, and do not forget to come again.

Wow... Amazing....
It worked for me too...

But at first still it shows crc failed.Corrup fail can't extract & so...

But finally i checked and clicked on save settings button below...

Then clicked EXTRACT...

British Mumbo Jumbo It works Perfectly...

Thank you Mr.Anouar Rahil...
Hats off to you....

By checking Keep broken files. You're doing just that. Keeping broken files. It does not allow you to fix a broken archive. It oly allows you to extract the archive. There may be something broken inside the extracted files.
Best way is to see if the archiver checked "put recovery record" when they archived the files. That way you can attempt to repair a broken part of the archive.
If something was missing, the archive will never extract right.

...sorry, didn't work for me.

for me it´s unbelievable !!!!!
it worked!!
thank for this advice


thank it's work for my

Your are the KING !!!

Great tip, thanks :)






Thanks man espicially for the screenshot, well mine's got extracted this way.

Greattttttttttttt. i was going crazy fixing the errors.. It works

really helpful.thanks a lot


gr8 works fine

i wanna kiss u man

u r genuis

thanks from egypt

Try 7-zip to extract your file.

thank you vey much....worked great for me

it works great

can u extract a password protected rar file

@jigar said no you cannot extract protected rar files

If none of the above works for you,just try out this software..... recovery.toolbox.for.rar.v1.1.8.17
It is very slow but works every time,depending on if the file is actually recoverable.

thanks this the easiest way to solve this problem (CRC failed error)

This worked for me great!!! Thanks!

I was installing from Adobe CS4 Master Collection, and part04.rar was corrupted.

What I did was I extracted all the files from the 2 DVDs using WinRar. Then it did not automatically install after extraction. So I went to Control Panel > Uninstall/Repair Program ... After that the installer worked already!!!

I now have the complete CS4 Master on my Windows 7 - thanks a lot for the WinRAR tip.

Hope it helps other people!!!


its work nicely

cool working thanks

oh thanks man, your idea is really help, the repair RAR software is doesn't work, but your one is really work, thank you so much....

it works for me thanks

OMG i just spent 8 hours downloading 30files and crc fail for the 30th file. Redownload the file 10 times and search every where, nothing worked.

Found your website, the tips works awesomely well!!!
My god, dunno how i can thank u! but are ta LIFE SAVER!!!!!

your the man!!!!!! thanks,,, i don't know what to say but thaankz very much

ur d best!!!! i downloaded visual studio 17parts 3.3gb and part6 to 17 are CRC failed and when i Found your website, yeah!!!!!! ur d best!!!! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much!!!!!!!!!

it can worke
for iso file

It worked perfectly. Thanks for the post

thanks It worked perfectly.
Thanks for the post

So PERFECT! I have a 4 part file as large as 3 GB (It's a game and I'll have to admit it, it's pirated). At first the transition of the RAR-ed files from part 1 to 2 comes with a CRC error that i tried to scan the error with Zip-Fixer for 5 times. When i found this little trick all my expression was "Zip-Fixer you sucked!"

Thanks man,you helped a lot of peoples here

It doesn't worked for me for first time u must be telling on clickin on the save settings button
after doing tha it worked for me

thanks very much for the advice been downloading the same file 6 times getting crc error was pulling my hair out works great

I got this error before, I was pretty sure my download was fine, but I redownloaded it. Same problem. So I just deleted it and forgot about the problem, then a few days later it happened again with a different download.
then i tried the soletion above and it works fine for me thanks

Every one have these options in front but some one really digs in like you. Thank you for make little life much easy against CRC hurdles.

thank you very much, I solved the problem because of you.

thank you Sir it worked like a charm i downloaded a 4gb of data and got error while extracting and finally your tip worked like a charm

looking for this a long time thanks a lot

Tnx. a lot :)

hello, i have same problems too. and was just try ur trick and everything fine . thanks . but i wanna know what crc failed all about? why seem some1 (me) has got it and else not?

"Large files such as multi-volume .rar files use alot of memory, or if running at the wrong voltages, can be unstable and perform errors."

if it's not fix this way. than it's the voltages in the PSU, right?

wow! one of the most useful posts I've read lately! Thanks!

Some 1 like U Is Always Blessed By GOD Wish U A Happy Life & Thank U So Much For The PosT :)

Large files such as multi-volume .rar files use alot of memory, or if running at the wrong voltages, can be unstable and perform errors."

Thanks for your trick, you are very genious!!

firstly thank u and secondly what Linux distro are u using? :)

the second question is fail...i mean what enviroment...KDE,LXDE,XFCE or GNOME?

really thanks , it was so depressing to spend all night downloading a winrar file to find out in the morning that "volume is corrupted" and CRC or what ever has failed ..you have saved my ass :)))

It works!!!!! Many Many Many Many thanks........

Just dropped by to say thanks, cause it actually worked!

I have faced this error so many times & I ended up downloading again & again...

Thank you so much - it worked like a charm! :)

ohhhh its working.....thanks

Its very helpful

i downloaded 6 Gb and the crc error still fucking my mind even with your tip

Repair rar file using to next programming method winrar repair to repair rar archives any sizes

thanks man!

it worked thanks man ;)

what to do when the file you r extracting are 2 .iso files.they extact succesfully but dont get mount and also dont get extacted

Exactly, you are right (idiotacp. This method is good only for the rar files which has a video or audio files inside. But if it is a software package then forget it. This method will not work. This method just keeps the broken file and not interrupting while unzipping. But the file is still broken and the software package will not work properly or may not work completely. So guys, it happens while downloading the file over internet. My disc write error or some other downloading error. So you have to redownload the file.

Anyway good work! It's a good method and old method anyway... ;)

thank u great man....it worked

Thank you my friend . it worked .
i'm web designer too .

thank you so much it worked!! strange!
i used the command line version on mac
rar e -kb blablabla.rar

and it worked even though it said crc failed.
e is to extract
-kb is to keep broken files

Wooooooww...you are dangerous..., I mean it worked for me...God bless you man...I was about to jump for a 4 GB re-download.

that was really helpful as iwas going to delete the file becauseof u i was able to save my file

I could extract the zip file,but the zip file has another zip in it.The internal zip file has no data..what should I do?

Comments please...

This is ABSOLUTELY a life saviour! Thank you so much for the tip! I was almost having a heart attack with several files from my backup showing with CRC failure errors!

Thank you so so so much!

Just saved a 7GB download for me. Thank you! You are brilliant!

it worked but the file are broken

OMG it worked !!!!!!!!! THANKS

It's working man... awesome work... Thank you.. you saved my time and work...

Thank you so much

it really work..thanks a lot

Wow.You rock men.been looking for this.Thanks a million.

I guess like somone already mentioned, this works if you are just extracting.....I am having this issue with multiple installer downloads from the Business Objects/Crystal site and still can't install the software

I appreciate your work. I just want to know that can I fix CRC error ZIP files presented on bad sectors on Windows. My ZIP file corrupt due to re-formatting of drive. I found software to fix it. Interested one can get here.


I have a .rar file in a .rar file. (I actually use 7 zip but it doesn't have that option, it just extracts the file corrupted) But this doesn't work for me!

Its work great ., thanks u so much.. @Sathish

work only in video or photo .. dont work in file type .iso

i suggest to try to use 7zip when extracting the file instead of winrar or winzip

You're my savior. Thanks.

100% working.thanks

that was really great. it really works. thanks :)

Ohh nice .it work for me even if the message apear .the file is conserved

thanks man keep it up

Thank you! It worked exactly as described.

U.... are my hero

Awesome !! It Works... Thanks Man... :D

its working fine...thanks a lot...

hey thanks bro you fixed my windows 8 it was in parts i downloaded the file 2 times then i searched and i found this site i clicked and solution was thier i tried it worked .... thanks ......

thank you so much one love

totally worked on a PSX iso RAR file had a cd image file that would not appear but after skipping the errors it opened many many thanks to us few that download large files. :-)

This option worked like charm for me, thank you !.

Same error came for me and inside my .rar is a game .iso. After doing your method the iso was extracted but when i was trying to extract the game.iso with Power ISO, an error came:unknown format or damaged file. it's size is 4.5GB. Can you help with this?


what is inside the file? video or game or what?

In my case, this was not what caused the error. The file was corrupted because it was transferred in ASCII mode from an ftp. It was a file with binary data (.BAK) and therefore it didn't work. I transferred it again in binary mode, and problem solved. Maybe others have experienced this too.

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Aalia lyon

The best way to fix Corrupted files or CRC Failed errors in Winrar is done on a larger scale though the help of professional zip recovery software solutions. This software capable to extract and open files from corrupted zip files safely or fastly.

Wow!!!! It worked. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

But... if I have 36 rar archives... do I have to do this 36 times?

thanks for the instruction!!!
worked perfectly for me!!!

I recommend you to use Remo RAR repair software, because it’s a finest application and is very easy to use it can repair corrupted WinRAR files in a very effective manner.

Man, thanks a lot, i've been lost in a land of nowhere in this internet world to fix this issue. I really love you man. I will marry you if you're a girl

Your'e the boss. This advice is still helping people with CRC errors over FIVE YEARS later. This is what the Internet was designed to do.

Works like a charm, greatly appreciated

Thanks maaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!u r awesome!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much. It's good.

Holy crap! It really works. You are a real genius. I thought I had to download all over again. Thanks a lot!

Love You Man thanks it helped me in Extracting My Favt Game <3

It didn't worked for me. Pls tell me what is the issue behind this problem,sometimes my far files extracts without any problem and sometimes gives error.