Nov 25, 2013

Build a PC From Scratch with Kano Computer Kit

Kano is a Pc kit created to help people of all ages assemble a pc from scratch, and learn basic coding skills. The kickstarter team that created this project has reached its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter in just 18 hours.

Powered by a Raspberry Pi computing module, the unit incorporates two guideline manuals, a custom case, a 8gb Sd card, a key-board, a speaker, a a power plug, and HDMI and mini-USB cables.

  For the unit's coding part, the group improved Kano Os, a distro of Debian Linux, and additionally Kano Blocks, a visual customizing dynamic that permits clients to advance with code blocks and then output the results in Javascript or Python for utilization in game programming or something else.

The kit, which costs $119, is scheduled to ship worldwide in July 2014.


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