May 6, 2010

How to install Pinta 0.3 on Ubuntu

How to install Pinta 0.3 on Ubuntu
Version 0.3 of Pinta was published three days ago and includes three new tools, 25 new effects, and several improvements in the user interface. In addition, several bugs were fixed
Pinta runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. But unfortunately the Ubuntu, version has not been updated with the latest version of Pinta. However, you can convert the rpm package to install.

To install install Pinta 0.3 on Ubuntu do the following:

1. Open your terminal and type:


2. When the Pinta RPM package downloaded, install alien to convert it from rpm to deb. type:

sudo apt-get install alien

3. Now type this command to convert the RPM package 

sudo alien -i pinta-0.3.noarch.rpm

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