Sep 14, 2010

PlayOnLinux 3.8.1 has been released

Version PlayOnLinux 3.8.1 is out. As a reminder, PlayOnLinux is a program that lets you install and use easily many games and programs designed to run exclusively on Windows, like catia v5, solidworks, microsoft office 2007, itunes, dreamweaver, fireworks, microsoft fonts, Diablo , Starcaft, warcraft, ....

In this version:
correcting bugs # 30 and # 31;
rewriting of an internal function that installs a plugin shipped with Pol automatically at startup;
PLugina Capture has been updated with the latest version (2.1.1);
The translation has been updated with the latest version available on Launchpad (synchronized on 02.09.2010).
the emergence of a new tool: playonlinux-cmd: This is a new tool to manage PlayOnLinux in scripts but not yet fully completed. More info

PlayOnLinux 3.8.1

Installation PlayOnLinux 3.8.1
Just follow this link and download the proper distribution :