Sep 17, 2010

Reset Your Netgear Router Ip Address

If your computer is connected to a Netgear Router to access the Web, it uses the router as a gateway to transfer communications to and from the external world. The router also assigns your computer an IP address and by extension has an IP address of its own that your computer utilize when communicating with it.

netgear router ip
Routers and NICs have a behavior of pulling the identical IP address, whenever you want to renew your Netgear Router Ip. One possible technique to fix this could be to utilize the reset button on the Netgear Router. This button is usually located behind of the router and is often a small button that you just need a paperclip or like object to push in. Hold in the button a minimum of 10 seconds, and your router should pull another IP address. It's possible although, that your ISP has set an IP address to be assigned to your router (it is assigned in a DHCP table by your router's physical address (MAC address)). If so, you should to contact your ISP and ask them to change it. Although, they probably won't assist if your current IP address is not causing problems.

Netgear Rangemax WNDR3700 Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (Black)


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