Dec 29, 2010

Ekoore ET10TA tablet PC with Ubuntu Linux [Video]

Back in March when an Italian manufacturer produced a model of the Ekoore ET10TA Tablet PC, the tablet allows the user to select pre-install Windows 7 (trial version) or Ubuntu system.

The hardware specifications:
- 10.1-inch display (1024 × 600), but only supports single-touch,
- 160GB hard drive
- 802.11b / g / WiFi, Ethernet
- Three USB ports
- A card reader
- Audio input and output
- VGA output and other components

Probably the price is $ 638. buy ekoore et10ta tablet PC

This is the latest demonstration of the Tablet PC video interface system using Unity Ubuntu 10.10.

Archos 9 PC Windows 7 Starter Tablet (Black)