Jan 11, 2011

Windows users can experience KDE 4.5.4

KDE Windows team continue the process of migrating to MS Windows.

However, KDE 4.5.4 for windows will give users a new experience, and it's improved a lot. Improvements include:

- all the goodness brought by KDE SC 4.5;
- all the bugfixes brought by the 4.5.4 minor release and six months of work from the KDE Windows team;
- the lastest version of Phonon-VLC backend is available as the default backend;
- support for two new compilers: mingw-w32, a more updated distribution of Gcc for Windows provided by the mingw-w64 project, and vc100, the Microsoft compiler provided in Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition. These, in the future, will respectively replace mingw4 and vc90 (both of which are however supported in this release).

Users can use the KDE-Installer to experience that version.

For more information you can visit this site KDE on Windows Initiative Website .