Dec 4, 2013

Next gen USB 3.1 connector will be reversible, smaller than USB 3.0

In order to squeeze the ultra-fast 10Gbps USB 3.1 standard into the next gen of slim devices, he Usb 3.0 Promoter team has recently published the Usb Type-C connector.

It'll be comparative in size to existing Usb 2.0 Micro-B connectors, while carrying Usb 3.1 velocities and other unique focal points over current cables.

For beginners, the new look will be reversible like Apple's Lightning ports, importance at long last you won't need to stress over which end goes up.

Also, Type-C will carry adaptable power charging and the capability to support next-gen USB standards.

The downside is that it won't be perfect with existing connectors, however assuming that we don't need to do the flippy insert to embed a telephone link any longer, we'll take that exchange off in a New York minute.


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