May 5, 2009

Rapidshare & MegaUpload Automatic Link Checker

Well I just found out about a new link checker from a friend. Its a javascript plugin for Firefox. This check links as soon as you open the page. Here we go.

Part 1:

1-Install Greasemonkey plug-in
2-Restart firefox

Part 2:

1-Install Link Checker Script
2-Restart firefox

3- Goto:

Should look like this if its installed correctly:


By editing the script and changing options to:



// Options //
show_black_backround_in_dead_links = 'yes'; // yes or no

You can make it look like this:


I haven't had any issues since installing this script. It doesn't freeze or lockup my browser, its really fast, and I don't have to tell it to check the links since it does it automatically.

If you have trouble getting it to work then make sure you have the following correct:

1- Firefox 2 or 3
2- Installed Greasemonkey and its enabled.
3- Installed Link Checker Script.

Confirmed working in Firefox and Firefox 3

Hope it helps other lazy people like me. Mad props to the coder of this script!


Thank you, useful tut

I prefer using online link checkers. They are called also universal link checkers. My favorite is and its damn fast, supports over 16 different file hosters.

But I think this way is faster than online link checkers, isn't it?