May 17, 2009

Run Ubuntu 8.10 from USB Flash Drive

I know you can run Ubuntu as a Live CD but it is as slow as Treacle & you cannot save anything. Doing it this way you can try it out and it will save like it was a normal full install.

1: Get at least a 2 GB USB Flashdrive and format it as FAT32.

2: Download "Ubuntu810P" and extract it to your desktop, It is a small file and it will create a folder called Ubuntu810P.

3: If you already have a copy of Ubuntu 8.10 use magic ISO to copy & "save as" to make an ISO image of the Ubuntu 8.10 install Live CD Disk.

4: Once that is done place this ISO in the Ubuntu810P folder and rename it " ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso ". It doesnt matter if you don't have the ubuntu disk at this time & you can proceed to the next step.

5: Now right click on the " Ubuntu810.bat file " in the folder and select "Run as Administrator" and after the USB drive verification it will automatically start to load the files onto your Flash drive.

If you do not have the Ubuntu ISO as described above do not worry because the Ubuntu810.bat file will now go online & download it for you if it is not located in the folder.( it can be slow and I found it quicker to download the image from the Ubuntu 8.10 Home page)

If you chose to download the ISO image from the Ubuntu website just remember to rename it to : "ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso" without the " ". Once you have done that you can now move onto the next step

6: At the next step it will ask you to input the drive letter of your USB Dirve.

7: Make your entry at the flashing command prompt (mine was J) and press enter.
It will take only about 3 to 5 mins to instal.

8: If you are using vista to make this Ubuntu USB version after the install explore your USB Flash Drive & find the "makeboot.bat" file, right click & choose run as Administrator.

That's it finished, now when you reboot go into your BIOS settings & set your USB drive as the first boot device and Ubuntu 8.10 will run from the USB like a normal installation. You will be able to save programs, downloads and settings just like a normal Operating System.


The "Ubuntu810P" link is broken, please re-upload.