Sep 29, 2009

How to find a rar or zip file password using google

Sometimes you have the following problem when you downloaded (a) file(s):

-You forgot to write down the password
-The password as been lost
-The password is incorrect

Well, I have the solution. And I hope it can help many people.
You don't need a password recovery app or any other thing of 50 bucks.

it's easy:
just do this:

- Copy the link without the http:// or www. (ex: etc
- Paste it in Google or any online searchmachine
- Put the word "password" next to it.

You will 95% of he time get multiple hits.
Seek that website for a password or it is already been found in the descriptio.

Whola, you got your password Smile

Since the download link has to be identical, the password has to be to.
Multiple files have same names, tho every link is different. So the same link is identical, and so is the password.

I don't gaurantee this option, same as that i'm not capable of charge whenever any website damages your pc.

My experience: all my tries worked when searching and with bitdefender on my side I haven't had any virus or anything.


i knew this and have been doing this everytime

Thanks mate for the tutorial. Will help many people