Jan 3, 2010

How to Mount an Image File using Alcohol 120%

Here's a complete Tutorial that will explain you how to Mount an Image File using Alcohol 120%. - You'll see this is very easy to do.

First of all I'll explain you the terms "Virtual Drive" and "Image Files".

Virtual Drive:

- Virtual Drives are CD/DVD drives that will be created using Alcohol 120%. They are not hardware, they are just shown as hardware and the do they same function.

Image Files:

- Are files that are "mounted" into the Virtual Drives, usual extensions of image files are: .ISO, .NRG, .BIN & .CUE, .MDS etc.

Step 1 - Getting Started

First of all you need the software called "Alcohol 120%"

Step 2 - The Virtual Drive

When you open the application for the first time, it will apply the Virtual Drive(s) into your PC and you'll get an extra CD Drive icon in your Computer window.

Mount an Image File using Alcohol 120%

Step 3 - Mounting the image

1) After opening the Application, right click in the blank white part of the application and then click "Add images".

2) Select the Image File that you want to mount and then click "Open"

3) After that, right click on the selected image file and then click "Mount Image".

The image will be mounted, and you'll be able to find it in the Computer window, and if the image file contains an autorun.inf file the image will run like an normal CD or DVD.


Nice explanation for those who are new to using Alcohol 120%