Jan 9, 2010

How To Be A Paid Blogger

I've been a blogger for the past few years. I've tried to make cash off my blogs using various methods like google adsense and a few other ad programs. But none of them really made an impact. One fine day, I landed up with paid blogging and this was a turning point for me! I made over $1500 over a period of 3 months. and i continue to make a good deal of cash even now. so where do you get started? I'm here to tell you all about It. lets start off:

1.What is paid blogging?

Its a way of blogging in which bloggers write about products and get paid to give their opinion on them(99% positive)

2.Can i use my blog for this?

Yes and no. You cannot use a brand new blog. Also you should consider a blog with a decent page rank before you go for this.(preferably PR4)

3. How do I get started?

You can either buy a blog which has a page rank or build a page rank for your new blog. (buy the domain to be precise)

More info on google PageRank

4. I'm a n00b, can I be successful?

absolutely yes!

5.i'm lazy, can I be successful?


This basically involves a lot of hard work and you need to be fluent in english. 99% of the paid blogging networks need the reviews to be written in english. So fluency is important.

I'll be updating this tutorial frequently, feel free to ask me any questions about this and I shall be glad to answer.

Getting Started

You can either start off with a domain that has a page rank or you can buy a new domain for as low as $1 and build a PR for it.


Old Domain
If you go for an old domain, buy a decent hosting account and use that domain. you can buy domains which have a PR from various forums like digitalpoint and a few others Smile

When you buy the domain, make sure that the name is decent. you can't have xxx... for a tech blog. so choose a decent name. then go for around 40 posts in the blog. make sure that the dates are well spaced and also make sure that there are 30 posts in a period of 90 days. after this is done, you can submit your site on marketplaces.(discussed later)

New Domain

Building a page rank on a new domain is really hard. As you know PR comes from backlinks to your site. the better the links, the better the ranking. The PR is updated only once in a period of around 3 mnths. So do your link building well and you could get a load of PR during the update. after you do the link building, wait for a few months and your PR will go up. then submit to marketplaces. Smile


marketplaces are the back bone of the paid blogging network! So far millions have been made in this and more to come. The best marketplaces that I would recommend are




PayPerPost or ppp is the multi million dollar network. They are the largest but they are currently down. The number of opportunities has decreased a lot! Nevertheless, they are good.

payu2blog is a decent network. they have minimum number of employees, less number of bloggers and more advertisers. all opportunities here are a standard $5 and you get to blog for around $60 a mnth/blog. they are surely trustworthy!

Link Building

Backlinking means getting other websites to link back to your site. This could be either paid, or exchange links with friends, or if someone really liked your site, they must have given a link back to your site.

So how can you build links?

You can exchange links with your friends, submit your site to search engines, or if you really write some good content people link back to your site.

Buying Links

Be warned that buying links from other sites can actually damage your PR. Also selling links damages PR if google finds out, but what do we have our blog for? For selling links of course! So don't worry about that.

Free Links

You can get free links by commenting on good blogs with your keyword as your anchor text which points to your website's URL. An automator is available for this called the blog commentator

It takes months to develop a page rank. This is because PR is updated once in around 3-4mnths. So keep working until you get this PR, also work after that too. Only then you can maintain your PR.


Great. Waiting to read more

so u write about a product and get paid

well yes, but only if your blog is good

is it necessary to buy this domain and stuff to be a blogger ....