Apr 22, 2010

Sabily an operating system for Muslims

Sabily an operating system for Muslims
Sabily is an operating system, like MS Windows or Mac OS X. It's a customized ubuntu, by removing modifying and adding software, and also customizes the graphic design to make a system adapted to Muslims. And it contains :

sabily-artwork: customized usplash, GDM theme, Metacity theme, cursor, wallpapers etc.

minbar: Islamic prayer times application

zekr: Quranic Study Tool

zekr-quran-recitation-online-*: all available online recitations

zekr-quran-translation-*: all available translations

monajat: application that popups prayers every predetermined time

firefox-praytimes: Firefox extension that displays Islamic daily prayer times

webstrict: UI frontend to DansGuardian (web content filtering tool)

thwab: Electronic Encyclopedia System

hijra: Islamic calendar

mus-haf Othman : Othman Quran Browser

And My thanks to the team of Sabily, and May Allah reward them in this life and the Hereafter

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