May 29, 2010

Qimo: Ubuntu for kids

Qimo Ubuntu for kidsQimo is a desktop operating system based on Ubuntu, designed for kids. It has educational games for kids aged 3 years and over. Qimo 2.0 is available for download.

Qimo Ubuntu for kids
You have more than one kid? With Qimo 2, they may each have their own user account! The session Xubuntu is still there, so you can create an account for yourself. 

Qimo includes
Games: Childsplay, GCompris, Tux Paint, Tux Matt, Tux Type and Laby;
Some wallpapers;
Calendar storm

For those who want to test here is a VirtualBox image

Direct Download

If you're already running Ubuntu 10.04, there is no need to do a new installation for Qimo. You can add Qimo from the Universe repository using apt-get and you get all the games, graphics, and installed desktop session.