Jun 7, 2010

Turkish Bloggers mock the ban on Google!

After YouTube has been banned in Turkey, according to some news reports, the government has also banned Google services “Google Translate, Sites, Code, AppEngine, Docs, Groups, Feedburner. Other Google services are reachable, but Analytics and Adsense are working slower.”

After the ban a group of Turkish bloggers has created an interesting poster mocking the censors!

code.google.com - I know, you don’t need codes.
pages.google.com - Surf the government pages.
video.google.com - Use youtube. Oops sorry, use something else.
translate.google.com.tr - Why do you need to translate anything?
docs.google.com - Use paper if you need.
sites.google.com - Sites? Why?
books.google.com - You don’t want to read a book, don’t you?
chrome.google.com - Use Explorer, I like bugs.
sketchup.google.com - It’s forbidden to sketch anything, don’t you know that?
froogle.google.com - It’s too froggy to use.
labs.google.com - I just don't like labs.
mars.google.com - Do you really go to Mars?
moon.google.com - Is there any moon?
notebook.google.com - Note that, there is noo book.
toolbar.google.com - You can borrow my hammer if it’s necessary.
browsersync.google.com - Browser? What is that?
catalog.google.com - Read government catalogs.
codesearch.google.com - I will find your code if you want.
knol.google.com - What do you do with a troll?
dir.google.com - It’s so boring. You don’t need it.
apengine.google.com - Somebody said engine? Give me oil!
health.google.com - I care about healtcare, not Google.
finance.google.com - Can you borrow me a fifty?
contacts.google.com - Ask your headman.
earth.google.com - I love firebenders. What the $#@ is earth?
groups.google.com.tr - Why are they connecting people? Let’s seperate them all.
shopping.google.com - You need shopping too? Unbelieveable!
sky.google.com - Look over, there is your sky.
support.google.com - I’m supporting you, you need Google? What a shame...
tools.google.com - Where is my hammer?
wap.google.com - Wap is wap?
answers.google.com - You have questions? They are also banned.
google-analystics.com - I’m the analyser here, OK?

Source http://sansuresansur.blogspot.com/2010/06/cok-sinirleniyorum.html
Should Social Networrking Sites be Banned? (At Issue Series)


Ironically they left out the main function which is to search the internet.

Ironically they left out the main function which is to search the internet.

so adsense hasn't been blocked?

yeah, Adsense and Analytics hasn't been blocked