Aug 27, 2010

Advances to Google Realtime Search

The blogosphere is a dynamic environment that changes almost as quick as the world that we live in. And as access to data becomes more widespread and more immediate, the blogosphere is steady closing that gap. That’s why the Blogger Team is excited to spread the word about Google’s new improvements to Realtime Search, which offer richer and better results than ever before.

From the new Realtime Search home page, you can explore live updates, recently published blog posts, and news from around the web in brand new styles. Now you can restrict your search to include just updates from a specific geographic region or just nearby you.
Google Realtime Search

You can also see complete conversations from Twitter. You can also now set up custom alerts for Realtime updates to be sent directly to your inbox once a day or week, or as soon as the happen for instant blog post fodder.

For more info about Realtime’s new features, please visit

Below, Google’s demo video:

Real-Time Search for Learning Autonomous Agents (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)