Aug 25, 2010

The New Digg Is Coming Soon Today is currently down, but it may not be for long: Digg CEO Kevin Rose has announced that today is the day that Digg v4, also known as the “new Digg,” gets live. If you went to the site before it went totally kaput, you found the following message: “We’ve created a monster. The new Digg will be alive momentarily.” (h/t @msaleem)

At 12:30pm ET, Digg business development chief Matt van Horn wrote, “New @Digg is launching.. right now! Hopefully we won’t break the internet in the process. GO TEAM!”

Having gotten beta invites a while back, we’ve been toying with the new Digg for a while now, but this is the first time the bulk of Digg users will be capable to experience the service. In a nutshell: It’s a quiet bit like Twitter, with followers and followees, it’s a quiet bit like an RSS reader in that publishers run their news feeds over it, and it still keeps a version of the old Digg front page. As The Next Web points out, the new Digg changes the balance of power away from power users and towards publishers, but not entirely; “ power users will just be on the out, they will merely look and act differently. They need the most active friends as possible, so expect someones who currently are, or need to be, power users to be more social from day one. Also, some people who were moot on Digg are about to become giants. Given that Digg prompts people to follow people on Digg that they follow on Twitter and Facebook, people who were social, but never on Digg, are about to pick up handfuls of new followers.”
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