Nov 1, 2010

Select all Facebook friends in one click using Facebook Invite All

Here you are on Facebook and you need to add people to your group of fan page. You're doing this because you need to grow your exposure and make a presence for yourself on-line.

You click on the "invite members" link and a window pops up with all the people you have not invited yet. Then you go throught the common and bothering process of adding every single person on your friends list.

After doing this a couple of time you get sick of it! And  if you’ve more than 1000 friends, its a tough task.

Facebook Invite All extension will allow you to select all of your friends with a click only and it seems to be working fine for all events, groups and pages. So here is the exact process one needs to follow to use this extension for Google Chrome:

1. Install Facebook Invite All Extension
2. Once installed, you will start seeing “Toggle all” option when you are about you select your friends.
A Easy Trick To Invite All Your Friends To Your Fan page

Clicking of “Toggle all” button will select all of your friends at a time.


Thank you great extension

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