Mar 7, 2011

The Codename Of Ubuntu 11.10 Will be : ONEIRIC OCELOT

Mark Shuttleworth has just declared the codename of Ubuntu 11.10, it will be codenamed "Oneiric Ocelot".


The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), also known as the Dwarf Leopard, McKenney's Wildcat, Jaguatirica (in Brazil), Jaguarete (in Paraguay and Argentina), Tigrillo (in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru), Cunaguaro (in Venezuela), or Manigordo (in Costa Rica and Panama) is a wild cat distributed over South and Central America and Mexico, but has been reported as far north as Texas and in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. North of Mexico, it is found regularly only in the extreme southern part of Texas, although there are rare sightings in Southern Arizona.
Mark Shuttleworth says that Oneiric means "dreamy" and the combination with Ocelot reminds of how innovation happens ‘Part Daydream, Part Discipline’.

The Ubuntu 12.04 codename will start with "P". Can you predict Ubuntu 12.04 code name?
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