Apr 1, 2011

Upgrade To Ubuntu 11.04 Beta

The Ubuntu developers are rapidly moving forward with the Ubuntu 11 project. The Ubuntu 11.04 Beta release is now available as an Ubuntu upgrade. In this post we will tell you how to upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 11.04.

Press ALT+F2, type update-manage –d and click Run.

Update Manager show up with a message explaining that the New Ubuntu 11.04 is available as an upgrade. Click Upgrade to continue.
Upgrade To Ubuntu 11.04 Beta

Before you can continue further, you will be provided with the Ubuntu release notes.

Shortly after continuing, you will be prompted to enter your password, after which the upgrade process will proceed further.

After the upgrade is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

This will upgrade your system to Ubuntu 11.04


Ubuntu11.04 has too many bugs the start up disk creator does not work anymore after upgrading I decided to go back to using XP and Linux mint