Jul 31, 2009

How To Boost Your WiFi

This's a tutorial on how to increase your wireless signal by 50%

What you need

-A wireless USB dongle (Any make is fine)...
-A pair of scissors...
-A metal sieve...

Lets get started...

If you have a metal sieve already at home, It should look like this...

If you don't have one you can buy them from any D.I.Y shop or a supermarket...
How To Boost Your WiFi

Get your scissors and in the middle of the sieve cut out the size of your USB wireless dongle, Make sure it is a perfect fit, Once you have done that and completely finished, Get your sieve and wireless USB dongle and take it to your PC, Plug in your wireless USB into your PC, Fit it half way in the sieve and check the wireless signal on your PC, You will see the signal has increased a lot...

Remember that scissors can be very sharp so be carefull...

The proof
How To Boost Your WiFi
How To Boost Your WiFi

The final look

wifi wireless boost increase usb


mmmm...nice tut. I've come across something similar in concept where instead of a sieve you can use an empty contain of prinkles or a tin can...thanks by the way.

Yeah you can use a pringles tin or a tin can but they will not get a good signal like the sieve will

at school we used an old 18" satellite dish, great long range, just aim it at the source

Unfortunately, many of us don't have these lying around mate

TY mate gonna do this 4 my cousin so that we can play games together without him disconnecting each time

Acts like a 'dish'..
Could be best to have one each end and point them to one another if possible !

Yeah this is old but I guess new to some and yes this does work, brings back the pringles can wifi.... lol

Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

Well, I need this now, thank you very much.