Jul 21, 2009

SEO Link Analysis Tool, a Firefox add-on to analyze your links

Analyze your backlinks with SEO Link Analysis

With Google Webmaster Tools, it is possible to find links pointing to your site. Joost de Valk had developed a script (Google Webmaster Tools External links), running with Greasemonkey add-on,which allowed to visualize the link PageRank and it's "anchor text", and other thins like "nofollow" and the link availability.

The same author has created a new Firefox extension "SEO Link Analysis Tool" with the same functionality as "GWT External links", but it makes Greasemonkey script unnecessary and especially it works for:

* Google Webmaster Tools
* Yahoo Site Explorer
* Microsoft Webmaster Central

SEO Link Analysis Tool

* Install the Firefox extension "SEO Link Analysis Tool.

Analyze SEO Link Analysis Tool

Once "SEO Link Analysis Tool" installed, go, for example, on your Google Webmaster Tools, then "Links> Pages with external links" and made the analysis of links on a page.

Key - for each link you have:

* Its PR
* Its anchor text, between quotation marks "
* If a link is orange it means "nofollow" , a red link means not found or an image

Firefox extension analyze add-on backlinks links


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