Aug 2, 2009

Reset your Windows Password

Reset it your Windows Password
Do you think its impossible to get your system's password if you forget it?
Well.. in fact it's easy to rest it. what You just need is your Windows CD and Little time. Ok let's follow this steps:
Insert Your windows xp cd into your CD drive or DVD drive reboot your computer. Go to Windows setup option by pressing Enter key. After that you need to select the windows partition which you want to reset the password. Then choose the option that says “Press R to begin repair process”. On the next automated reboot “Do not press any key when asked to boot from CD”. just press SHIFT + F10 . A command console will now open up giving you a wide access to the system. After that you need to type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter key. You will get Graphical access to User accounts now in the control panel. Simply change or reset your password from there. So try this thing when next time you forget your passwords.


Thanks, i need this