Apr 1, 2010

The New YouTube Layout

Have You Seen YouTube’s New Page Layout? Interested in Trying it Out?
YouTube is testing what they think is a much improved new page layout.

In this new page layout there are changes that I like and other changes I dislike. I'll tell you my pros and cons then you tell me if you agree.

1-You can skip to the next video in the subscriptions box
2-You can see exactly how many people liked and how many people disliked the video
3-highest liked comments at the top

1-No more 5 stars
2-The sidebar is no more, its a below bar
3-No lines between comments which is confusing
4-Subscribe button is above

What do you guys think of it? do you like it? do you agree with my pros and cons?

If you haven’t automatically been selected to “test” and use the new YouTube page, no worries.

Simply click on this link and the new layout should appear.

YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day


I like it It's better than before