May 19, 2010

Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2 available [Win Mac, Linux]

Oracle VM VirtualBox
Oracle has released a new version of its VirtualBox virtualization platform, now officially called Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Version 3.2, in beta since early March, introduced a number of important new features:
-Virtualization Experimental MacOS X (only on computers-Apple)
-A function of dynamic allocation of memory to a VM (only) 64-bit host system
-Adding / removing hot virtual processors for the guest operating systems Linux and some Windows (only addition)
-New features of the hypervisor
-Support for removing hot plates when the virtual machine is under execution
-Support for managing multiple monitors in Windows guest operating systems
-Emulation keyboards / pads for a better user experience if no additional guest operating systems is installed
-Emulation controller LsiLogic SAS

Oracle also announced the new official name of the OS to Sun's virtualization technology to SPARC: Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Download Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2.0

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