Jan 20, 2011

Open Source Products For sale On Amazon

Several Open Source projects are being "stolen" and being sold on Amazon at various prices as if they were commercial products.

It is a small British company called Butterfly Media, which for example is using a on-line store as a showcase to sell products freely available, such as FlightGear, Inkscape and Scribus.

As indicated in Phoronix , a developer of submarine simulation game "Dangers of the Deep" realized what was going on, to find his game on sale at Amazon.

Distribute binaries without source code itself is a violation of the GPL,
and using a design protected by a Creative Commons, which requires any company to ask permission and show who is the creator of these designs and the artistic part of the game.

But this company has been commissioned to disguise another title called " U-Boat Simulator " at a price of £11.99 . Selling free software, in fact is not illegal under the terms of the license ... The question is who has the right to sell this products?

Open Source Products For sale On Amazon
Hopefully Amazon will soon resolve a situation for violating certain terms of the licenses for these applications.
Open Source Products For sale On Amazon