Apr 7, 2011

20 years of Linux [Video+INFOGRAPHIC]

Linus Torvalds made a courageous decision to share his code to the world of the operating systems, and soon after, he chose the GPL license agreement as publisher.
20 years of Linux

Currently, Linux has gone deep into every aspect of our lives, exist in your phone, ATM machine, your desktop, movies, cars and so many of our places and fields.

The following video of the Linux Foundation, summarized 20 years of history of Linux in 3 minutes. starting at how Linux virtual domination of the computer.

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20 years of Linux


I hav been using ubuntu since its 9 th version.I feel linux as a most awesome and emerging OS of the world,and i wish it to become the only prominent leader of the world.Its really a very nice experience to use linux.I love it.