Nov 19, 2013

Snapchat Users Are Sending 400 Million 'Snaps' Daily

Snapchat Users Are Sending 400 Million 'Snaps' DailySnapchat users now send 400 million snaps everyday, consistent with a source at Snapchat. To put this number in view, Facebook team are even now reporting that 350 million photographs are uploaded everyday worldwide on the system, and that Instagram clients are uploading 55 million photographs day by day.

Note that Snapchat's 400 million number is for photograph and video messages . Be that as it may its likely Snapchat beats Facebook on photograph volume alone, as well. Video wasn't acquainted with Snapchat until December 2012, and the transferring and transmission of photograph messages that vanish remains Snapchat's fundamental capacity. Also, Snapchat has a much more modest client base than Facebook. So as Snapchat develops bigger, its substantial movement will presumably make it shoot path in front of Facebook on photograph volume. In

September, Snapchat reported that its users were uploading 350 million snaps daily. In June, that number was 200 million.